Industrial Interior Designs Keep It The Raw & Real

Let’s design a space that reflects everything that an Industrial Themed Interior Design stands for!

Phi Design Industrial Interior Designs
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Industrial Theme Interior For Keeping It Raw!

The core of Industrial theme interior design comes from the old factories and industrial spaces that are converted into offices or living spaces. Keeping it raw, industrial interior designers use exposed ceiling & metal structures that gives off a rough feel to the space.

Phi Design - Industrial Interior Designs

This design style needs minimum modifications and thus is low-budget & pocket friendly.

Phi Design - Industrial Interior Designs
Time Saver

As it needs less changes or modifications to be made, it also saves ample amount of time.

Phi Design - Industrial Interior Designs
Raw & Real

The feel of this look is absolutely raw and the elements used are in it most natural state possible.

Choose the right theme for your Corporate Office

Surf through our catalogue filled with design options that take you through a detailed journey about individual themes, explaining their philosophy and what each theme represents. Choose the one that defines you the best!


Let your corporate office exhibit the modern vibes with this theme of design. The theme is modish, bold, and to-the-point!

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Let the french style turn your office into an elegant space with bold colors, quirky designs, and a personalized touch.

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Key features of this design being irregular shapes & asymmetrical facades, break the old norms of office spaces and stand out!

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Raw and rough, the industrial design is unique and justifies the space. Metal is a commonly used element in this design.

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Worried if the industrial theme will suit your needs?

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